"Your professional performance, compassion and attention to detail are outstanding." ~Durango patient

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Locally owned and managed.

Designed for patients by physicians.

Back in 2004, a group of local physicians created Animas Surgical Hospital to bring Four Corners residents specialty care. Our aim isn’t to be the only Durango hospital, but to be the very best for surgery, diagnostic imagingemergency care, occupational medicine and internal medicine.

The concept is obviously working. Patient satisfaction is through the roof, judging by national and statewide awards.  Our patient outcomes are better, due to low patient-to-nurse ratios (3:1), a near-zero infection rate  and a manageable hospital size. Our nurses, staff and doctors report they love working in our Durango hospital because they have more opportunities to really make a difference in people’s lives.

The local touch.

Animas Surgical Hospital remains owned and operated by physicians who live and work in the Four Corners area. They’re your neighbors and friends—and they’re highly responsive to the healthcare needs of the community we all share. Every one of our physicians has a personal interest in improving the daily operations of Animas Surgical Hospital, from fast scheduling to the latest equipment to trouble-free patient recoveries.

Choice is good.

Research shows that communities supporting a physician-owned hospital and a larger community hospital, raise the quality of care at both institutions. Patient-to-nurse ratios remain lower overall when people have a choice where they receive care. At Animas Surgical Hospital, we applaud your right to select your physician, your treatment options and your Durango hospital.


Field Blevins, MD | Orthopedic Surgery

Moss Fenberg, MD | Retina Specialist

Mark Forrest, MD | Urology

Gareth Hammond, MD | Orthopedic Surgery

Nicholas Hugentobler, DPM | Podiatry

Kayse Lake, DPM | Podiatry

Patrick McLaughlin, MD | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Eric Meyer, MD | Ophthalmology

Ryan Naffziger, MD | Plastic Surgery

Brinceton Phipps, MD | Orthopedic Surgery

Nicole Pinkerton, MD | Gynecology

David Silva, DO | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Phil Wiley, MD | ENT

Joshua Zastrocky, MD | Ophthalmology