• "Your nursing staff is phenomenal. I cannot recall when I have used that term in the past to describe nursing care I have witnessed." ~Surgical nurse/nursing supervisor, Dolores, Co

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    Downtown Durango’s
    closest hospital—and ER.

Small enough to make a big difference.

We’re the first to admit that Animas Surgical Hospital is not the biggest around—and we don’t want to be. Instead, our hospital is very, very good at surgeries, 24/7 short-wait emergency care, diagnostic imaging, occupational medicine, and internal medicine.

Because we’re focused on patient satisfaction, we deliver better results and more positive outcomes. Who wouldn’t be happy with a patient-to-nurse ratio of just 3:1, a near-zero infection rate  and truly personalized care? No wonder Animas Surgical Hospital routinely tops the charts in local, state and national awards for patient healthcare.

While we’ll never compete with the big guys, our local presence leads to better healthcare throughout the neighborhood. That’s because communities with multiple healthcare facilities typically staff more nurses and strive harder to keep patients healthy. At Animas Surgical Hospital, we think choice is a good thing.

As the closest hospital to downtown Durango, please give us a chance to earn your trust. Stop by today  or ask your doctor about Animas Surgical Hospital.

Important Contact Information

575 Rivergate Lane
Durango, Colorado
(970) 247-3537

Emergency Healthcare Services
Open 24-hours every day
(970) 385-2364

Diagnostic Imaging
X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, DEXA
(970) 247-3537

Internal Medicine
(970) 403-1340

Occupational Medicine
(970) 385-2390

Rivergate Medical Campus
Over 17 healthcare practices
located adjacent to the hospital.
Parking in front of the hospital and in the underground
parking garage.
Map and directions

Animas Urgent Care
450 S. Camino Del Rio/Hwy 550
8:30 a.m.-7 p.m. daily


Our mission is to provide innovative, exceptional healthcare that patients recommend, physicians prefer, and employees are proud of.