Fast, convenient and full service.

Same-day and emergency state-of-the-science diagnostic imaging.

Need a peek inside to see what's really going on? Our in-house diagnostic imaging brings you the latest technologies with results interpreted our board-certified radiologists and usually reported to your physician within 24 hours after scheduled diagnostic imaging appointments.

Our full range of diagnostic imaging techniques include:

MRI Our patient-friendly short-tube (three feet in length) MRI produces high-field 1.5 images for advanced orthopedic protocols, such as cartilage and meniscus diagnoses.

CT Our advanced 64-slice spiral CT with CAREDOSE technology reduces radiation exposure. It's ideal for those who've already had many x-rays and for children.

Ultrasound Our advanced ultrasound services helps with level II and III OB exams, pediatric cases and biopsy guidance, as well as abdominal, gynecologic and vascular conditions.

X-ray and fluoro Broken bones are quickly diagnosed with our x-ray technology. Pain management, shoulder and hip arthrograms are just a few of the conditions diagnosed with our arthrogram fluoroscopic procedures.

DEXA Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry measures bone mass, which can assist in the diagnosis and ongoing treatment of osteoperosis and/or osteopenia. DEXA is also instrumental in measuring body mass index.