"I love being able to bring my experiences in orthopedics to this community and am constantly integrating the most up to date techniques into my practice.”   ~Brinceton Phipps, MD

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Better results with advanced technologies

An advanced approach to helping your hip or knee pain with MAKOplasty® precision joint surgery:

  • Highly accurate implant placement
  • More natural-feeling knee joint
  • Longer lasting joint
  • Shorter recovery time

Animas Surgical Hospital is the only medical center in the region to offer MAKOplasty®. Our skilled orthopedic surgeons use this high-tech robotic arm and its sophisticated software to assure you of precise implant placement.

At Animas Surgical Hospital, a CT scan is used to create a 3-D model of your hip or knee. With the help of this model and intelligent software, your orthopedic surgeon will create a custom implant. During the surgery, the software gives your physician real-time information to help him or her guide the robotic arm in precisely preparing bone surfaces for optimal component placement based on your unique anatomy.

Animas Orthopedic Associates and Sports Medicine
Animas Surgical Hospital’s board-certified orthopedists perform over 300 minimally invasive joint surgeries annually:

  • Total hip replacements through direct anterior approach using MAKOplasty®
  • Partial knee resurfacing through MAKOplasty®
  • Total knee replacements via computer navigation
  • Shoulder restoration including replacement, resurfacing, and reverse shoulder replacement

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Applying advanced techniques, our high-volume surgeons lead the way in better outcomes and improved patient care.

Dr. Brinceton Phipps
Dr. Gareth Hammond

Help for your hip or knee pain with MAKO.